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AudioChem are proud to be carrying ATR Magnetics Audio Recording Tape! We generally have 1/4" 10.5" reels and pancakes in stock, but contact us with your needs!

ATR Magnetics manufactures two exceptional formulas to choose from:

ATR Master Tape formula

ATR Master reel to reel recoriding Tape on blue reels A professional grade mixing and mastering tape at nearly 2-mils of thickness, provides for high-output, low-noise recording with an industry-standard bias compatibility. The advanced preparation and coating techniques produce a consistent, high quality product that meets the needs of professional recording studios and hi-fidelity enthusiasts alike.

MDR Tape Formula

ATR MDR36 reel to reel long playing recording tape on red reels The long-playing version of ATR Master Tape that engineers and musicians have come to love. MDS is named in commemoration of ATR company founder and industry leader Michael D. Spitz. This high output, low noise formula is coated on the highest quality 1.0 mil polyester film and provides excellent performance, reel-to-reel consistency, and recording economy.