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BullFrog Products

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The Bullfrog Line of Products are not purely audio related, but when we used the contact cleaner (and it was sooo good!), we decided to bring the entire product line into Canada.

Corrosion happens everywhere.

We are all familiar with rust; a costly and unsightly attack upon anything unlucky enough to have to live life outdoors. Even indoors, nothing is immune to corrosion. Often we don't pay any mind to the silent attack that is occurring inside our pro audio or audiophile gear - what about the electronic components, the pcb traces, the potentiometers, the contacts? Anything made of metal or alloy is susceptible to corrosion and rust, and that can only mean one thing: a degradation in audio quality.

The Bullfrog line from Cortec to the rescue. The Bullfrog products coat metals on a molecular level in order to prevent or halt corrosion. It's not magic, it's the power of VpCI.

Bullfrog is a great line of products designed to solve a vast array of common problems, not just with rust, but with other everyday tasks as well. These are products we use everyday; why not have the rust protection of VPCI as well?

Bullfrog products are proudly manufactured in the USA and AudioChem are proud to finally make them available in Canada!

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